Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sixth Blog Assignment: Chapter 8 Summary "The Madness of David Shayler"

        In this chapter, Jon Ron builds and successfully provides evidence for the idea he describes in the end of the last chapter about the right sort of madness. Ron Ron discovers that the people that are the right sort of mad are just a tiny bit madder than how mad the average person fears he or she is becoming. And this madness is easy to recognize by the average people. The people that are the right sort of madness are just a little bit more anxious or paranoid then us, yet we find this entertaining and comforting that we are not as mad as them. Ron discovers this by analyzing the conspiracy theories of David Shayler that got the most media attention. The story about the 9/11 planes as holograms received the most media because it was crazier and less dry then his theory on July 7th being an inside job, but it was more believable then him being the Messiah.
       Reflecting on chapters 8 and 9, I completly agree with Ron's idea on the right sort of crazy. I find myself thinking I have gone crazy many times a day just beacuse of stress. Also, like he expresses, I am guilty of watching Wife Swap and Supernanny just to make me feel better about my life. Jon also provides the reader with little inserts of the thoughts going on inside his head. This helps the reader better understand his character and the level of his anxiety disorder. In chapter 9, as Bob and Jon accuss the gatekeeper as a psychopath because of his lack of empathy, I began to think that the checklist is being abused and to many people are being labled as psychopaths. Also, I was really disturrbed by the story about the brood mare being impregnated by the chief constable and freemasons, followed by ripping out the fetus for a sacrifice. I find sex crimes to be the most disturbing.

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