Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fifth Blog Assignment: Plagiarism "Something borrowed"

         In Malcolm Gladwell's "Something Borrowed" the main focus is dealing with the idea that plagiarism is a difficult concept because it is hard to label an idea as property of a person that created the idea. He argues that words do not always belong to the person wrote them. In fact, in some cases, such as music and medical findings, using the ideas from another can actually be beneficial in improving future findings and creations. However, sometimes plagiarism is always wrong. For example, plagiarising literature always seems to be ethically incorrect. Gladwell uses a narrative about a women who was plagiarised as the main evidence when getting these points across. He also uses the Standford law as well as examples of the positive and negative effects of plagiarising.
         In my opinion, this is a very creative piece. It shows a side of plagiarism that I have never considered before. A quote that clearly expresses this new argument is from page 110 and states, "A successful music executive has to understand the distinction between borrowing that is transformative and borrowing that is merely derivative". This reading didn't really change any of my opinions on Plagiarism. I still think all stealing is wrong; however, I am curious to know how using the ideas of others works in the music industry and medical field.

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