Thursday, October 13, 2011

Third Blog Assignment: Research Question

What are the advantages and disadvantages of attending a university verses the advantages and disadvantages of attending a community college?

Does the college you attend really have a huge impact on the future of an individual and his or her ability to obtain a job after graduation?

           I have chosen this question because, as a freshmen in college, I just went through the process of finding the right school for me, but I ran out of time to do research on the above concept involved with choosing a college. I will start looking for answers by searching for primary sources on the Internet and conducting interviews with a variety of diverse college graduates. The answer to this question will show that both types of schools will have advantages and disadvantages, as well as people living successful lives as graduates from both. With this said, I plan to look more into what each type of school has to offer for a student. I may run into possible problems regarding the fact that stating which type is better can often be seen as an opinion. Also, there are private and public universities. This may involve more research then I first suspected.

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